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BioB is born

A small step for the future of the planet

The line of eco-friendly products strictly Made in Italy designed to satisfy every customer's need, giving unique and pleasant sensory moments. Designed to enhance beauty, bioB represents a complete range dedicated to the care of all types of hair, formulated in full respect of the environment. bioB presents an eco-friendly and anti-waste packaging that respects the environment and does not produce polluting agents, can be reused for food use. A small step that can be decisive for the future of the planet. The lines are composed mainly of shampoo and conditioner combined in specific cases with a spray or fluid oil: brittle hair, dry hair, straight hair, curly hair, anti-freeze and frequent use. Using quality raw materials, natural extracts and essential oils derived from certified organic agriculture, bioB products give life to avant-garde cosmetic recipes, rich in valuable active agents.